The Innovation that has revolutionalized dishwasher.

PowerDry is a unique patented technology that ensures excellent drying results, thanks to a closed system that removes humidity from the cavity through a condensation process.

The unique PowerDry ventilation system with double air circulation means that, after rinsing, moisture inside the dishwasher is deliberately removed and condensed. Thus, when opening the dishwasher right after the cleaning process, there will be no presence of steam. Dishes can be immediately removed from the dishwasher without the risk of burning.

*With the “1hour wash & dry” program and the PowerClean+ feature not in use. (Status:03/2014).





The 1-Hour Wash and Dry Program

The 1 hour wash & dry is a special program developed to last only 1 hour, for perfectly washed daily load. The program automatically activates the PowerDry option to deliver outstanding drying results.



Ultimate Spotless Drying even on Plastic Items

PowerDry has been developed to provide oustanding drying results on plastic items. Get maximum shine without the use of a towel, no risk of water-stains nor dripping on the kitchen floor. Your plastics & dishes can be placed straight into a cupboard or on the table!


No Prewash with 28 powerful jet sprays

With PowerClean+, a patented technology that provides best cleaning results even on burnt-on soil pots or large items, there is no need to prescrub. The senor will automatically detect the level of soil and will adjust the PowerClean+ water jet pressure accordingly.

Best-in-class energy performance

PowerDry appliances are exceptionally economical. With their A+++ energy efficiency rating they significantly reduce power consumption and use up to 20 per cent* less energy – a big plus not only for the environment but also for your budget.

* Compared to a Bauknecht Dishwasher with an Energy class A+


The award-winning product

The PowerDry dishwasher was awarded the 2014 KitchenInnovation of the year award and also won Bauknecht the title of consumers’ favourite brand 2014.