PureClean for more comfort

Fast, easy and eco-friendly cleaning thanks to unique PureCleanTM technology

Spend your time doing something more pleasant than cleaning. And let the new PureCleanTMbuilt-in oven simply take the work off of your hands. New PureClean technology delivers brilliant results – ten times cleaner* – without the need for any additional chemical cleaning!

bauknecht pure clen technologyThere are three reasons why the new Bauknecht PureCleanTMbuilt-in oven is so easy to maintain. First, the cavity features the special PureCleanTMenamel coating. Second, the inside of the door is made of nano-coated glass from Schott with a lotus effect. And third, the clever PureCleanTMprogramme.

This programme makes cleaning child’s play: while the oven is heated to 90°C for 20 minutes, steam forms to loosen baked-on food particles. Once the programme is finished, you just briefly wipe down the oven’s cavity with a cloth. That’s it!

The new PureCleanTMbuilt-in oven from Bauknecht: it not only saves time and effort, it also is kind to the environment.

*Compared to the enamel surface of a traditional Bauknecht oven which uses a conventional baking programme. These tests were conducted in the laboratories of Whirlpool EMEA and TÜV Rheinland Italia.