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No need to preheat: Cooking with less time and energypreheat

no preheat





At Bauknecht, reducing energy consumption while maximising efficiency is a major priority. With our KULT and KOSMOS lines of products, no pre-heating is required, thanks to the Intelligent Heating Concept featuring optimised air circulation – the new patented heat algorithm ensures foods are heated up quickly and evenly, saving you the trouble of pre-heating your oven. Food preparation time is reduced by up to 26% and energy consumption by as much as 20%




multi level cooking

Perfect Multi-Level Cooking

multi level cooking

The KULT, KOSMOS and KOMFORT ovens use a new 8 cm control panel, which does not only create an advanced, sleek and stunning appearance, but also expands the cavity volume to 67L.

The impressive 67-litre capacity, supported by an innovative and powerful heating system, enables flawless cooking on three levels without pre-heating. You can prepare a complete meal with different dishes simultaneously without worrying about tastes and aromas being messed up. Pamper your palate with delicious food as you indulge in green and sustainable cookery.