The company and its history

The story of Bauknecht began in 1919 in Tailfingen, Germany. Over the years, Bauknecht has grown from a small electrotechnical workshop to one of the best loved household appliance brands in Germanic countries. At the heart of what we do is a genuine concern for the consumer: insightful designers and engineers at Bauknecht strive to meet consumer needs through consistent innovation as research is continuously carried out to keep abreast of the changing needs of our consumers.



The humble start.
Gottlob Bauknecht founded an electrotechnical workshop in Tailfingen, where he explored how the electric motor could simplify various tasks. Since then, the Bauknecht company has been devoted to developing high-quality appliances and technologies geared to consumer needs, creating an impressive range of products that bring comfort and well-being into the consumer’s life and, above all, facilitate efficient use of resources.




1920s to 1930s

Leave it to the motor!
In 1920, founder Gottlob Bauknecht developed a special sewing machine motor for the textile industry, earning Bauknecht the reputation of an innovator in the field of
motor development.





1940s to 1950s

Bauknecht enters the home.
Bauknecht incorporated the electric motor into home appliances and introduced its very first kitchen product in the 1940s – a compact meat mincer. In the next decade or so, the electric mixer, the refrigerator, the washing machine were introduced. The woman’s life in the house became much more comfortable and pleasant – after all, “Bauknecht knows…what women want”.




1960s to 1980s

Comfortable lifestyle, redefined
Entering the 1960s, Bauknecht continued to make convenient living a reality through innovative technologies. The three-star freezer compartment (1966), the dishwasher (1969), the fan oven with integrated microwave (1973), the clothes dryer (1974), the microwave oven (1977), the grill oven (1981) and the “No Frost” fridge (1984) were new members of the home appliance family.

Meanwhile, resource efficiency, also known as SUSTAINABILITY, was big even half a century ago. By the 1970s, energy and water consumption of Bauknecht washing machines and dishwashers were substantially reduced, making these appliances much more “practical”. Then in 1986, Bauknecht dishwashers beat rinsing by hand in terms of the amount of water and energy used.



Bauknecht cares about you – and the environment. 
Since 1993, Bauknecht has abstained from the use of CFCs in its refrigerators and freezers. In 1998 the Lightronic technology, which enables cookers and ovens to reach the preset temperature considerably faster, was introduced. A year later, appliances equipped with Dynamic Sense – an intelligent sensor technology – joined the Bauknecht range. Refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers adapt to individual tasks, using just as much as water and energy as required.



21st century

It’s all about sustainable, healthy living.
In the new millennium, GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK and the focus is on sustainability and healthy living – two of Bauknecht’s brand pillars that have supported its outstanding work for almost a century. This work continues with the launch of the SuperEco cycle in Bauknecht washing machines in 2006. The extended cycle time achieves energy savings of up to 67% compared with older machines.

In recent years, Bauknecht has harnessed the natural energy in steam to deliver amazing cooking and cleaning results. Thanks to kitchen appliances with powerful steam capabilities, consumers can not only prepare delicious, healthy food but also create a clean and refreshing home environment.

Live today with Bauknecht – it is good to have more time for the pleasant things.